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Visa Support:

Attention! All foreign participants of ICRM 2019 should obtain an entry visa to the Russian Federation.

How to get a Russian Visa

The package of documents for Russian Visa depends on the resident country requirements. Please, check beforehand these requirements at the Russian consulate located in your country. List of the Russian consulates with the corresponding telephones can be found here.

1. Choose the type of visa the most suitable for you: business or tourist.

If you need the invitation for applying a business visa, please fill in the visa support form and send it us together with scanned copy of your passport to Organizing committee. The copy of the visa invitation will be sent via e-mail. If the Consulate of your country requests a hard copy of the document (Great Britain, China, Iran, Iraq, some other), please let us know.

2. To apply for tourist visa, you need to book the hotel accommodation.

3. Prepare the required package of documents and submit it to the Consulate.

The deadline for Visa documents request is March 1st, 2019

Note: All foreign citizens arriving to Russia have to fill in a migration card while passing through customs. The migration card will be given before crossing the border (by airplanes, trains, buses, ships, etc.) Please, be careful in filling in this migration card and keep it until leaving Russia.

Your questions on visa support can be addressed to Organizing committee
Elena Kostitsyna

Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation. Moscow can be reached by road or air. Its international airports have direct flights from most European and Asian cities.

By air

There are three major airports in Moscow: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo 

Sheremetyevo airport

Sheremetyevo International Airport is located 32 kilometers northwest of central Moscow. It is connected with the center of Moscow city by a convenient rail link (arriving to Savyolovskiy railway station in the center). The journey takes about 40 minutes.

Domodedovo airport

Domodedovo International Airport is located 35 km south of Moscow. It`s linked with Paveletsky railway station by the aeroexpress trains. The journey takes about 40 minutes. 

Vnukovo airport

Vnukovo is located 10 km south-west from Moscow. This is the one of the most modern ones in Moscow now because Vnukovo airport was recently renovated. It is connected with the center of Moscow by a convenient rail link (arriving to Kievsky railway station in the center).

By train

    • Paveletsky railway station (metro station Paveletskaya)
    • Belorussky railway station (metro station Belorusskaya)
    • Kievsky railway station (metro station Kievskaya)
    • Savelovsky railway station (metro station Savelovskaya)
    • Leningradsky railway station (metro station Komsomolskaya)
    • Kazansky railway station (metro station Komsomolskaya)
    • Jaroslavsky railway station (metro station Komsomolskaya)
    • Kursky railway station (metro station Kievskaya)
    • Rizhsky railway station (metro station Rizhskaya)